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PLAIN & PEARL is a friendly social & all-inclusive group of people interested in knitting and other craft activities.  We welcome people of all ages, gender, race and creed.  The only requirement is enthusiasm to craft things.  

The group meets twice a month, on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday evenings 19:30-21:30 at St Mary’s Parish hall, Langham Rd, Teddington TW11 9HF

There is a £2 fee per session to cover the cost of refreshments which include fresh tea/coffee and homebaked cake prepared by Josie, the leader of the group.  There is no need to book, just turn up.

Additionally, we organise a variety of themed activities such as workshops or excursions to museums or craft fairs etc.  These special activities are optional, normally bookable in advance and involve a nominal fee to cover the costs of material and any external instructors.   For our latest schedule of activities visit our Calendar.  Also, check our Activities page for short write-ups on past activities we have held.

Apart from the social aspect of our get-togethers, we participate in the St Mary’s Christmas church bazaar and Teddington Village summer fair where we sell our craftwork.  We give any funds from the sales to charities.  Also by participating in these events we aim to raise awareness in the community of the many benefits of craft to children and adults alike.

Special Activities

In additional to our regular bi-monthly meeting, we organise special craft activities such as workshops & excursions to craft fairs, exhibitions or museums. If there's enough interest then we organise it and make it happen. Here is a list of some of the special activities that we previously had. Enrollment to these special activites are managed via Eventbrite. For the latest schedule see our Calendar page.

Wreath Making

The wreath making workshop to create a gorgeous Christmas wreath for your front door is always very popular and sells out quickly so Plain & Pearl now hold multiple sessions. We also enjoy a festive glass of mulled wine (or spiced hot apple juice) and a slice of Josie’s delicious home made cake.

All the materials that you need to produce a glorious Christmas wreath are provided including ribbons, fairy lights, beads and baubles, fir cones and berries. Kathy, our tutor, talks us through the principles and show us lots of different designs for inspiration. Then it’s over to us to create our very own wreath to hang on the front door at home.

Workshops on Knitting & crochet techniques

We run regular masterclasses for beginner knitting/crochet as well as improvers and more advanced topics on request basis. Some of the recent sessions we have held include:
Knit a PomPom Hat for beginners;
Seaming and blocking of knitted pieces;
Granny squares for crochet beginners;
Next Steps from basic Knitting;
Christmas baubles using short rows technique.

Chocolate Making

Josie ran an amazing workshop where we made different chocolate shapes, lollipops, swirls, shards and also covered sweets and biscuits in chocolate too. We used different types of chocolate, heating and shaping it into various designs. We decorated our creations with strikingly patterned transfers as well as nuts, fruits, coconut and sprinkles.

It was a delicious evening and we all left with a real goody bag of treats for our families and friends to sample. Josie also provided extra transfers and chocolate so that we could carry on experimenting and creating designs of our own at home.

Jewellery beading

The owner of The Bead and Jewellery Shop local to Teddington kindly came to P&P one evening to show us how to make a pearl necklace. It is all in the preparation of where you want your beads to go, plus the special knots to use. We used special black mats to lay the beads out.
We have also had several other workshops to make necklaces, bracelets from glass beads and fashion hair ornaments from silver wire & beads.

Beeswax wrap workshop

Candy from The Twickeham Apiary showed us how to transform 100% cotton fabric with colourful design motifs into reusable & environmentally friendly alternative to single use Cling wrap or aluminium foil. Using beeswax from Candy's bees, pine resin , jojoba oil and an oven we each made an all natural wrap for storing food or wrapping sandwiches.
After few months of usage it can be re-pasteurised in the oven. And finally, after maximum usage, discarded in garden compost.

Beeswax hand cream

Beeswax carries antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties as well as sealing moisture into our skin, all of which makes it an ideal base for hand cream.

Josie sourced beeswax from a local beekeeper and took us through the steps to produce our own pot of hand and body cream. She showed us how to safely melt the wax, add almond and olive oil, and then essential oils such as lavender and mastiha, giving us detailed explanations of all their individual properties.

After the workshop it was a real treat to use the lovely hand cream we had produced and it was very effective on dry and sore hands.

Flower Arrangements

This workshop is usually held before Easter and every year we produce a beautiful piece using fresh spring flowers. It’s led by Kim who is a Hampton Court Flower Show Award Winner and has a wealth of experience. Kim provides plenty of advice on how to achieve the most effective design and demonstrates lots of different methods of displaying flowers .

In previous years we have created a living arrangement using some lovely Easter yellow, white & gold primulas and produced teatime floral arrangements including a posy in a teacup and saucer and flowers in a teapot. At the end of the evening we leave with a gorgeous centre piece for the Easter table.


This was our first ever workshop as a group. Margaret from Creative Quilting in Hampton Court did a demonstration on how to make easy bunting. She had brought some amazing colourful fabrics with her which we could purchase.


On a P&P summer's evening, 15 or so gathered for a calligraphy masterclass, led by P&P member Flis.
We were provided with calligraphy pens and paper and after a demonstration by Flis, we had a try at forming the letters… it wasn’t as easy as Flis made it look!
It was a special evening for me as my daughter joined us, from her home in North London, to learn calligraphy, in order to handwrite her wedding invitations, planned for next Spring.
The practising of line upon line of lettering was a bit reminiscent of learning to write at school (or having to do ‘lines’ when naughty!) and we all improved as the session went on, assisted by tea and cake of course,
It was a fun evening and great to learn a new skill

Sugar Crafting

A fabulous workshop. We all came away with 6 uniquely decorated cup cakes after being shown how to roll, colour and cut shapes in sugar paste icing and marzipan. Then with clever use of a paintbrush gloss with simmering glitter and frosting.
We all rushed out and bought our own mini rolling pins, spatula and teenie, tiny cutting shapes. 6 years on, I am still using mine for Birthday cakes and Easter. A great skill to have picked up.

Wet Felting

We attended a special Saturday P&P session to learn the basics of wet felting, led by P&P members & felting queens Suzanne and Lesley. We were inspired by their beautiful works of art: wall hangings, bags, pot holders etc.
The session was held in the big hall and ran for 5 hours, as wet felting is quite a long process. All materials were supplied including wool tops in variety of colours, bubblewraps, bamboo mats, plastic sheet and a tub of soapy water. All we had to bring was a towel to help soak up any excess water
We laid whisps of wool top in our colour choices in layers on top of bubble wrap, then decorated the top layer with wool and other colourful fibres in personal artistic arrangements. We next sprinkled warm soapy water until all the fibre layers were soaked. We then covered the wet fibres with plastic sheet as protection and started to gently rub until the fibres started to bind together. Next we rolled the fibres inside the bubblewrap and bamboo mat back and forth to create the necessary friction to start the felting process.
Rolling was quite a physical activity and seemed to go on for a long time. I'm sure I now have muscles where I didn’t previously!
After much rubbing and rolling, the wool fibre started to shrink resulting into a strong matted fabric. As a final step we rinsed out all the soapy water and left it to dry. I have since made my felted piece into a decorative flower brooch.


Variety of embroidery techniques including Chicken scratch, cross stitching, crewel. Materials supplied.

Card Making

Making Christmas cards is always popular to get the group in the mood for the holiday season. All materials such as blank cards, ribbons, glitter & sparkly things to make some unique personalised cards are all supplied.

Christmas Decorations

A hugely popular workshop we run every year to make felt decorations for our Christmas Trees. We have immortalised Scottie Dogs, Gingerbread Men, Angels & Doves in colourful felt. We've beaded, embroidered and sequinned; stuffed with cloves or lavender as the mood takes us. There is always room for one more little red felt Christmas heart on your tree!


Since the 1st Plain & Pearl meeting we have received many texts and emails of thanks and real appreciation. These are some of them:

"So grateful to get out of the house" and "what a wonderful evening. I have really enjoyed myself - what a warm welcome"

"I had not knitted for years and had forgotten how satisfying and relaxing knitting is. I will cetainly be making an effort to knit more to de-stress"

"Everyone was extremely nice and very enthusiastic, I particularly loved the wide age range. It's certainly inspired me to start knitting again and I've even carried on with my project at home"

"Just to say what a great time I had last night, and thank you both so much for organising it. I'm looking forward to the next meeting and it's spurred me to get on with my project"

"I learnt to knit as a child, and would love to take it up again. I have thought about it before, but without my mother close to hand to help me out when I get stuck I have never been brave enough to give it a go"

"The buddy system worked very well and I was so pleased to be able to get my neglected half knitted jumper back on track"


Socks Knit-Along by Josie

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Wreath Making by Katie

Despite Covid-19 restrictions this year, the annual wreath making event was still able to take place this December in the Parish Hall. With strictly limited numbers, social distancing, sanitising, tracking, mask wearing, warm coats and Read more…

Orange Pomanders by Josie

We had a great evening making Orange Pomanders in our 24/11/2020 Zoom workshop, decorating oranges with cloves using various assorted implements to make holes in the oranges to protect our fingers. Have a look at Read more…

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