Felt Christmas Decoration Workshop by Josie

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Our yearly felt decoration workshop which was planned for the 2nd week of November fell right amidst the 2nd lockdown, and therefore could not be held at St Mary’s Parish hall.

Amazingly we managed to do the workshop from home using Zoom technology. Prior to the session, we all received a pack containing everything we needed, felt material, needle, embroidery threads and a surprise festive packet of cloves to stuff into the decoration to get us in the mood for Christmas.

It was great fun, Josie took us through each stage step by step. It was so much better than staring at a screen, as you had something to do!

We could chat and listen to people’s stories and it felt like we were all together in an actual workshop, plus we now all have a wonderful scented tree decoration like a star, or heart, or scottie dog and a spare to finish for later.

A great relaxing evening!

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