Flower Festival by Josie

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On 26th of June 2022 Teddington Flower festival was held by St Mary/St Albans Church at the Church grave yard. The theme for this year flower festival was “Grown not Flown” based on the idea of sustainability and of keeping low carbon footprint. Parishioners who participated were encouraged to harvest flowers from their own gardens and recycling as much as possible and minimising usage of environmentally unfriendly materials.

For the occasion P&P had created a fantastic colourful display of flowers on a net installation hung on the exterial wall of the church. The flowers were all handmade by the P&P members using variety of craft media. Most were knitted or crocheted but few were made of felt or sewn with woven fabrics.

P&P joined this eco journey by recycling craft materials on their stand and raising £101 for charity.

P&P flower net installation is on its way to Cornwall as an exhibit in an art exhibition in Autumn.

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