NanoAvionics will build a 12U nanosatellite bus for an in-orbit demonstration of NASA’s Advanced Composite Solar Sail System (ACS3), the company announced Wednesday. Our focus is on nanosatellite buses and the software that runs them.

Lockheed Martin has rolled out a new satellite-bus family lineup with common components across the range of spacecraft sizes. Some past projects, which reached the hardware phase or were selected for launch, but did not fly, are also included. To validate the design, bring it to the right maturity and ensure it works as expected, LMO applied for the Open Cosmos, ESA Business Applications and … Find out more about Space as a Service and browse through our Satellite Bits and EPIC Spacecraft via our online store today.

It is called universal because it has been designed to be operated from LEO to GEO. Get the latest updates on NASA missions, watch NASA TV live, and learn about our quest to reveal the unknown and benefit all humankind. Credit: Lockheed Martin NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. This a result of a contract between NASA Ames Research Center and AST for a 12U bus to carry NASA’s payload into Low-Earth Orbit (LEO), including a composite boom and solar sail system. Only commercially available (in present or past) buses are included, thus excluding series-produced proprietary satellites operated only by their makers. brings you the latest images, videos and news from America's space agency.

The bus is the infrastructure of the spacecraft, usually providing locations for the payload (typically space experiments or instruments).. Bus-derived satellites are opposed to one-off, or specially produced satellites.

12U CubeSat (Aoxiang Zhixing) This list contains CubeSat projects with a real chance (IMHO) to get off the ground. Viasat and the Air Force Research Laboratory Space Vehicles _ Objective: Will test as a network relay with the use of a Link 16 terminal on a small satellite in low-Earth orbit. With a focus on the small satellite market, LMO has designed a chemical propulsion subsystem for a 12U satellite. Our offerings range from sub-1U size solutions, through our MISC(TM) family of 3U-sized CubeSats, out to our SUPERNOVA(TM) family of 6U and 12U buses. This page includes a list of satellite buses, of which multiple similar artificial satellites have been, or are being, built to the same model of structural frame, propulsion, spacecraft power and intra-spacecraft communication. Pumpkin Space Systems is one of Pumpkin, Inc.'s business units. With already more than 75 successful satellite missions and satellite-related commercial projects, NanoAvionics will assemble the 12U bus at its new Columbia facility in Illinois, while the final integration of the payload will be carried out at NASA Ames facilities. AAC Clyde Space provides rapidly manufactured spacecraft, services and solutions, designed with quality and innovation in mind for the Small Satellite market. The USP, for Universal Space Platform (Russian: УКП, Универсальная Космическая Платформа), also known as Viktoria (Виктория), is a highly flexible satellite bus designed and manufactured by RSC Energia. The size and cost of spacecraft vary depending on the application; some you can hold in your hand while others like Hubble are as big as a school bus. A satellite bus or spacecraft bus is a general model on which multiple-production satellite spacecraft are often based. _ BCT Providing: 12U Spacecraft Bus