How would you compare so many failures in order to crown one as the world’s greatest fail? Less than a year after the commercial hit the airwaves, the soda was yanked from the shelves. The crystal pepsi was baiscily discontinued 2004, it was discontinued because pepsi wasnt making enough money. Crystal Pepsi was poised to become a billion-dollar idea. From this, we can see that Pepsi's failure in Crystal Pepsi was mainly due to the lack of understanding of their consumers. Almost 25 years ago, Pepsi introduced a new clear cola, believing it would quickly grow to be a billion-dollar brand.

Even the re-launch as Crystal (minus the Pepsi in the name) was unsuccessful.

In the 1990s, a seemingly odd product started appearing on the shelves that left many consumers confused. Pepsi was successful with Diet Pepsi. Crystal Pepsi is a classic example. The crystal pepsi was baiscily discontinued 2004, it was discontinued because pepsi wasnt making enough money. Why Pepsi’s Protest Ad with Kendall Jenner was a Marketing Fail By Steven Ma / Apr 5, 2017 Jan 26, 2020 The Pepsi ad with Kendall Jenner sought to reach millennials at an emotional level, but just ended up inciting criticism and disgust. Too many of them fail. However, the product failed miserably due to the following reasons: Taste - Even though it claimed to be like Pepsi, it didn't taste as sweet. More than 9 out of 10 new products fail to achieve commercial success. Asked in Coca-Cola, Pepsi ... Why did Pepsi crystal fail? Asked in Coca-Cola , Pepsi The Crystal Pepsi bottle said cola but it did not look like a cola. It was more like Sprite minus the lime flavour. Both Tab Clear and Crystal Pepsi were phased out and Coke was happy to write the dual obituary. These days, Crystal Pepsi seems to be living a quiet retirement. The story of why Crystal Pepsi failed is a weird one, involving stubborn executives, vague marketing, Van Halen, and a bit of corporate sabotage. Instead, it was a colossal flop. Consumers were confused and without a clear explanation for the deviation from expectations rejected the new product. However, Pepsi failed again and scrapped the idea of a clear cola. It might not have ruled the 1990s soda market like Pepsi intended, but the story of this failed soda is anything but boring. With Crystal Pepsi set for a comeback, here's why the original failed according to its creator New, 103 comments The dream of the '90s is alive in PepsiCo I don’t understand your definition of “the world's greatest fail”. Campaign Fail: Crystal Pepsi. Rumors started buzzing in December of 2013 that the drink was set to make a comeback in early 2014; however, many people failed … Updated: Jun 17, 2019. However, this success did not guarantee success with Crystal Pepsi.

Even Coke failed with the TaB Clear. The clear soda market proved to be just a fad.