2015: 1st in the nation. Lunch with a Trojan- Former Trojan and Fox media personality Petros Papadakis describes how USC fell from the media spotlight and what he thinks they need to do to get back there. College football analyst Petros Papadakis joins The Drive to talk about life in Los Angeles without sports, and could USC potentially leave the Pac-12?

Money is Matt "Money" Smith. The other half, (goes on) Larry Scott and the conference. Petros Papadakis went off today on the story on Clay Helton by Dennis Dodd. Here is what Petros Papadakis said today on his radio show about Clay Helton: "Clay has never fully embraced how high the standards are at USC.

The former Trojans captain and current Fox Sports analyst was so good, so surgical in his breakdown, that it became the most popular podcast in Hotline history. Papadakis, 69, was a defensive standout at USC — and father to another former Trojan gridiron star, sports broadcaster Petros Papadakis, who was …

Remember when KABC forgot to do a two-hour pre-game show before the Colorado game?

Not tomorrow.

Petros Papadakis didn’t hold back Monday during a segment that took on USC recruiting and Mike Bohn. “Here are the recruiting rankings. Post Views: 161 In mid-September, Petros Papadakis joined the Hotline podcast to assess the state of college football in Los Angeles specifically and across the conference generally. Petros Papadakis Family, Age, Birthday, and Net Worth!

No dim lights, no quiet romantic evening here. Listen to “Fox’s Petros Papadakis agrees with Spence that Boston sucks” on Spreaker. John Papadakis’ restaurant is a lot like its owner -- big, brash and loud. Stop … They are 13-11 over the last two… Papadakis was a tailback at USC and as he likes to say "captain of the worst football team in USC history." Well, check out this tweet today from KABC: USC plays Cal tonight. "I can't go through the motions again this off season. On the full episode of The Drive with Spence Checketts, we catch up with Petros Papadakis on the future of the Pac-12, Ryen Russillo on why Pam isn’t the best from The Office, Frank Isola on the drama between Don and Rudy, Spencer Warne breakdown the Tiger King and JP Chunga gives his best Jazz nicknames hierarchy. Lunch with a Trojan- Fox media personality Petros Papadakis breaks down how other leagues and conferences have lapped the conference's ability to lead and flex its power as a national entity. All the presidents that kept his inept regime in power.

The Petros and Money Show or "PMS" is a sports talk radio program in Los Angeles. Fox’s Petros Papadakis joins The Drive to talk about how Boston is a bunch of cheaters, and the recap of Utah’s football season. If they aren't high anymore then keep him, that will send a message to your fan base. 2017: 2018: Third in the nation.

Lunch with a Trojan- Fox media personality Petros Papadakis explains his skepticism at local medias coverage of USC in the past decade. Petros Papadakis talked about USC, its new hires and West Coast football: “Football in the West is literally on its death bed like never before.
195K likes. and at least half the blame goes on USC. It airs on KLAC-AM, ("AM 570") every Monday through Friday from 3pm to 7pm PST. USC Trojans on 247Sports, Los Angeles, California. For the last 10 years it has been one of the top sports shows on AM 570 KLAC radio in Los Angeles, in large part to the variety of different subjects the hosts present. Talking about Petros Papadakis family, he was born to the family of John Papadakis. Listen to "College football analyst Petros Papadakis on the future of the Pac-12" on Spreaker.
Following the last birthday celebration on 16th June 2017, Petros Papadakis’s age is 40. LOS ANGELES, CA – Petros Papadakis is a sportscaster and cohost, along with Matt “Money” Smith, of the nationally syndicated Petros and Money Show on Fox Sports Radio. The headline `Clay Helton has no time for your hate.'