Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Red Dwarf : Complete BBC Series 8 [2003] [DVD] [1988] at BBC Comedy Greats 81,817 views. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Without them we wouldn’t have this culture of new Red Dwarf being the norm, if we just had this special everybody would be bitching about the VIII cliffhanger getting resolved whereas now that Red Dwarf is just a normal thing again, we can have a fresh start.

It originally aired on the BBC between 1988 and 1999, before later being revived on the channel Dave in 2009. Though certainly not as good as it was in its prime, the boys can still elicit the laughs. Vote for your favourite series below, from Red Dwarf I to Red Dwarf XII. In fact, the current series of RED DWARF is currently airing on ABC TV once a week. Reactions: Doctor Omega. The series is called Stargate Universe (duh), and subtitled “Back to Destiny.” The first issue is set for release later this month. Conceivably, Series X is supposed to follow on from Series 6 if you handwave all the continuity that happened between the series, which is pretty much what people who don't like 7, 8 or Back To Earth would do.
I know it's a sort of in-joke that it's not explained how season 8 cliffhanger was resolved but it'll be nice knowing.

The poll will close on 1st April , after which we’ll be revealing the definitive order as chosen by you. Synopsis: Lister's feeling a bit down. If you’ll remember, the Season 2 finale ended on the cliffhanger of Eli all alone and with his life in the balance, trying to find a way to … "Red Dwarf" : In the end of series 8 Rimmer is trapped on Red Dwarf as it is disintegrating around him and everyone else has abandoned ship.

The bottom line is - the cast are too old, the writers aren't capable of doing clever or funny stuff anymore, and nobody is interested in a new series apart from the people obsessed with it who don't have any other interests anyway. ; "Return to Eden" : Ended on a dramatic cliffhanger in Australia. Then the Grim Reaper comes to take him away and he kicks the Grim Reaper in the testicles and runs off. Red Dwarf is still in tall and stocky size in Series 9/10, whereas Series 8 has it long and thin. Red Dwarf took the bold step of actually removing Red Dwarf itself for the semi-rebooted series six, reverting to its sitcom roots with four characters (now minus Holly) cramped together in Starbug. Doctor Omega Moderator. One man remains alive: a chicken-soup-machine repairman from Liverpool named David Lister. Overall, taken on their own, Series X-XII and The Promised Land are quite good. Written by Doug Naylor and directed by Ed Bye, it was the first episode not to involve co-creator and writer Rob Grant.. Series VII was the first series to have extended episodes. The Canaries Meet Cassandra | Red Dwarf | BBC Comedy Greats - Duration: 3:56. Yes, or: Red Dwarf VIII shouldn't have ended on a cliffhanger, so that Red Dwarf IX wouldn't have to tie up any loose ends ten-plus years earlier. All of it is worth watching. 3:56. Red Dwarf Review: Series VII, Episode 8: "Nanarchy" Airdate: 7 March, 1997. In Series VI the Red Dwarf ship has been stolen from the crew, forcing them to travel in the … Apparently, having your right hand lobbed off isn't the best thing for your mood. Is series … This alone is cause for celebration among us Dwarfers. Kryten is forced to realise that Lister needs a new arm. It was first broadcast on the British television channel BBC2 on 17 January 1997. "Out of Time" is the sixth episode of science fiction sitcom Red Dwarf Series VI and the 36th in the programmes run. Apparently, he's made Kryten basically take care of him, to the android's happiness... and Kochanski's frustration.