Socks Knit-Along by Josie

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A group of us are attempting to knit a pair of socks with the help of our resident knitting designer Suzanne. We are taking part in a weekly virtual Knit-A-Long by Zoom and this week was cast on using the Italian Tubular method for one-by-one rib, and then knit in the round from cuff to the heel.  You could have heard a pin drop in the call as we all concentrated on this amazing cast on technique and Suzanne was sooooo patient with all of us.  Its a fantastic finish once you have mastered the complexities and realised that you are twisting the wool to make a stitch; so one false move and the whole cast on row disintegrates!! We are all eagerly awaiting next week to start the ‘heel flap’.

Things we learnt:

  • Its a bad idea to have a glass of wine before you try and do Italian Tubular Cast On for the first time
  • Same applies to talking – that’s when all the stitches fell off
  • Its a great finish and worth persevering to learn
  • The U-tube tutorials were not much help. Suzanne’s demonstration was way more informative
  • We all started off very stressed and ended up much more ‘zenned’

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