Wreath Making by Katie

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Despite Covid-19 restrictions this year, the annual wreath making event was still able to take place this December in the Parish Hall. With strictly limited numbers, social distancing, sanitising, tracking, mask wearing, warm coats and open windows, a few hardy ladies embellished a colourful array of wreaths.

Many chose to recycle adornments from previous years, as it hasn’t been so easy to pop to the shops! Wreaths were decorated with ribbons (arguably, the trickiest part), lights, evergreens, berries, pine cones and various glittery objects.

Have a look at the photos showing the lovely creations. They now hang festively on the doors of Teddington and beyond, or as in some cases are used to decorate tables.

This event also served as the annual social for Plain and Pearl and we were fortunate to enjoy good company, warm apple drinks and Josie’s cake.

Many thanks to Josie for organising this event again this year, as she was without her usual helpers.

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